Writing prompt #7 – 12 December

For the how/why of the writing challenge, see here, but essentially pick a word from the tea sachet of the day and use it as a prompt for writing for 15 minutes. Write anything you want, stop when the time’s up (or not, if it’s going well). Share it, or not.

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Stinging Nettle – Urtica spp. – Certified Organic
Baking time again. Vanilla bows. Rolling and turning the dough is almost meditative. Who makes the most beautiful bows? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sampling and licking has priority anyway. What are your favourite biscuits?

Writing prompt #6 – 11 December

For the how/why of the writing challenge, see here.

There’s at least one word in today’s prompt that I don’t understand. The question is, do I Google it before writing, just in case I want to use that as my prompt?

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Stormy weather tea for little ones – Herbal Tea Blend – Certified Organic
Shared joy is a double joy. Every year I help at the Advent market in my Grätzel*. I am usually on Maroni roasting. They are not only delicious but also really warm. What makes you happy?

*Austrian for neighbourhood.

Fifth writing prompt – 10 December

For the how/why of the writing challenge, see here.

Just as my pieces seem to involve a new constraint every day, so the rules are expanding (and yet there really is only one rule: write for 15 minutes).

They currently go like this:

If you want, when you want, on some or all days in December, or at some point in the future, take one (or more) words from the images I’m posting as prompts.

Write for at least 15 minutes (but more if you like). Just write. Don’t get caught up in editing, don’t worry about it, just charge through the words letting it all come out, whatever it is.

Share your writing at your online space, or don’t.


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Pai Mu Tan – White Tea – Certified Organic
Do you think back to your grandparents’ kitchen every now and then? We always had deep red fruit tea with lots of honey. We used to play Ludo and laugh endlessly.

Second writing prompt, 7 December

For the why/how of the writing challenge, see here.

Pick a word, any word… and write for (at least) 15 minutes. You can be flexible with the rules if you like – yesterday I chose two consecutive words and wrote for about 20 minutes.

It’s been suggested after yesterday’s story that I try to produce a series of pieces set on the Isle of Man. I’ll try, but I’m not guaranteeing anything as that feels like one restriction too far, and this is all about loosening up the writing muscles!

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Santa’s Secret – Fruit-Spice Tea Blend – Certified Organic
St. Nicholas was my childhood hero. Nursery rhymes were learnt by heart for him and I couldn’t hide my joy about chocolate ‘Nikolo’. Today too, he still makes children’s eyes sparkle. I am inspired by the legend: sharing unites.”