Writing prompt #9 – 14 December

For the how/why of the writing challenge, see here.

As I always say when talking about my infrequent attempts at running, I enjoy what it feels like when I stop doing it. In this case, “it” is this writing lark. The results are fun. The process – or rather the procrastination – is less amusing. I’ve been up now for 2 hours and still not actually got around to writing my 15 minutes’ worth or doing any work.

I could blame the prompt of the day, which doesn’t contain any words that spark my imagination, but no – I hadn’t even looked at it until I uploaded it just now. I suppose the only thing to do is just…write.

Alt text below

New Year Tea – Herbal Tea Blend – Certified Organic
How do you bring warmth into the cold season? I use lots of candles with lots of different colours I collect them from wherever I go. This year I have even made some myself from beeswax. Oh, what a smell!

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