A December writing challenge

Well, OK, not a “whole of December” writing challenge, because:

a) it’s already the 5th, and
b) the prompts are such that there are only 24 of them.

But a most of December writing challenge. Do some/all/none of the days as you feel appropriate.

But first, a little explanation

This year I ordered two advent calendars. The one with the chocolates in hasn’t arrived yet (!), but the tea advent calendar arrived in a timely fashion on 1 December.

“But what’s a tea advent calendar?” I hear you cry.

Well, one of these:

It just looks like an ordinary box of assorted organic tea bags until you open it up…
…then it becomes an advent calendar.

So each day up to Christmas Eve I’ll be drinking a different flavoured tea. I’m all too aware that I haven’t written anything for aaaages, so my first thought when I got this was to do some kind of tea review every day, but to be honest they’re all a bit samey when it comes to flavour, and even if they weren’t it wouldn’t be very interesting to write or read.

And then during one of my frequent insomniac pondering sessions in the middle of the night I suddenly realised that the short descriptions on each tea bag sachet were all different, and would potentially make prompts for short writing exercises.

So that’s how it’s going to work.

Every morning I’ll post a photo of the sachet I opened the evening before. You pick one of the words from the description (or the title) and use that as a prompt for 15 minutes of free writing. You can write freehand or on your computer or on your phone, or even dictate the words to your secretary if such is your wossname. The important thing is to just write and see where you get. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, it doesn’t have to be finished, it doesn’t have to mean anything. Just write. And post the results on your online space, whatever that is (or don’t, if you don’t feel like sharing it).

The tl;dr

For 24 days, I post a picture of a tea bag sachet, you pick a word on it as inspiration and write for 15 minutes.

And for the inquisitive amongst you…

…here are the flavours.

Because I am, as usual, a bit late to this, we’ll be starting tomorrow morning with the one I’m drinking as I write this, no. 5: “Pleasant Leisure Time Herbal Tea” (or, as the sachet has it, Schönen Feierabend). Watch this space for your prompt.

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